If you use carpets when you want to decorate the interior of the house. The dust has always been the biggest enemy of carpets.

However, you don’t need to worry because the problem can be solved by cleaning it regularly. As one of the elements of residential decoration, the carpet is able to change the look of the room to be more beautiful and eye-catching, especially on special days.

For that, you should be able to choose a carpet that is suitable for the order of home decor. Rug made from wool or acrylic is very fitting to be selected. Not necessarily based on expensive carpets, carpets at affordable prices can be used as an option to beautify the residence.

However, if you have a big enough budget, there is no harm in having a beautiful carpet that will provide its own accent in the room.

Carpet made of wool, acrylic, nylon or a combination of the two materials can be the right choice. In addition to being affordable, acrylic carpet has a softer yarn texture. The carpet is also not so thick.

Not all carpets are able to beautify the interior of the house. If you put the wrong type of carpet, it may not be a comfortable impression, but the impression of a hot or even narrow space.

In choosing a carpet, the material used must be the main consideration. Conformity with the size of the room also must be observed, then determine the motive. The issue of motives certainly depends on your own taste.

Carpet with nylon right placed in the living room because the material is more resistant to heat and easy to clean from the ground or food and beverage stains.

In addition, the carpet is made of nylon also has an attractive color pattern. Usually, the carpet is made from nylon has a simple line motif or even displayed plain. The color tends to be bright.

Meanwhile, the classic floral motifs typical of the Middle East also have their own interests. Moreover, carpets made from nylon have a fairly affordable price and fit placed as an accessory in the living room.

Just like designing a building that has to apply a certain style, this floor rug also has a variety of styles, types, and motifs that can be chosen to add beautiful space. When this type of Oriental and minimalist style rugs more chosen.

Oriental rugs tend to have a slightly dark and bright color combination, such as a mixture of red and black. Usually, the motifs are only lines, and this is the attraction of Oriental rugs. If you’re looking for an expert in maintaining and cleaning the oriental rug, you should call the oriental rug cleaning San Antonio.

One more thing to be excellent, namely a small carpet. If you want to choose and buy this model carpet, adjust the carpet with the style of the room. Because, if the wrong choice, it could be a narrow impression that you will get in the room.

Carpet can be a solution to bring the impression of elegance in the room. Maybe in terms of easy maintenance and this is one of the simplest accessories to create a special impression in the room.

Carpets are generally placed in three parts of the house, namely the living room, family room, and bedroom.

In the living room, carpet can make the room more comfortable and memorable friendly. Especially when displayed with a slick color combination, surely your living room will look more alive.

For neutral wall-colored rooms, like white and black, you should choose a carpet with a lively style. For example, the color orange or red with a line motif.

For the size and shape of the carpet, you should adjust to the style and size of the room. If your living room is small, you should not use a large carpet that will create a narrow impression. You should also avoid the edges of the carpet to hit the wall.

One more thing you should pay attention, the floor can affect the impression of the carpet. If you already use a floor that has a specific motif, it helps you choose a plain patterned carpet and avoid colors that collide with the floor.

In addition, the durability of the carpet you need to look at. Choose a carpet made from wool. In addition to the smooth material, wool carpet tends to be more durable and comfortable, especially for those of you who have a baby.