Clean your carpet regularly, at least clean it with a vacuum cleaner if you don’t have much free time. Or you can also contact the carpet cleaners Indianapolis which the best professional in carpet cleaning service.

Here are some other tips for cleaning your own carpet:


To maximize the stain removal process, you should use a soft bristle brush. Care must be taken to clean the carpet so that the fibers do not get damaged. If the carpet fiber is damaged, it will affect the texture so that it can cause discomfort. Choosing a soft brush can be the way you try to rub it on your hands and feel the level of softness.

In the cleaning process, brush carpet must be done in the same direction. Starting from the edge of the carpet to the middle of the carpet. Even if you encounter stubborn stains, don’t let you rub them in two directions. Keep rubbing in one-way rubbing until the stain disappears slowly.


When you have done the cleaning with soap and brush on the entire surface of the carpet, then now is the time for you to dry your carpet. The drying process must be done carefully and make sure the carpet is completely dry because the carpet is still damp will cause a bad odor that would disrupt the comfort of the occupants of the house. A quick and easy way to dry is to use a hairdryer. This is not a problem if the size of the carpet is not too big. Drying with a hairdryer for carpets with soft fibers should use the medium to high temperatures. If using high temperatures, make sure the distance between the mouth of the hairdryer with the surface of the carpet is not too close. As for carpets made from natural fibers derived from plants, you can dry using only a fan. Unlike the case, if your carpet is large, then you must dry it by drying.


To dry the carpet, you can do it outside the house if the sun is not too hot. Avoid drying in the hot sun because it can make the color of the carpet fade. In addition, drying the carpet directly in the sun outside the room can make the carpet more susceptible to dust. For that, you can dry your carpet on the porch or fence of your house if there is a shade on the top.

The sun can place by providing three chairs to support the right, middle and left of the carpet. Add weight to the top of the carpet that has been stretched over the three chairs so it doesn’t sag or fall to the floor. Leave the carpet in the sun like that position and check regularly to make sure the carpet is dry or not. If the surface of the carpet is dry, you can turn the carpet over to dry the bottom of the carpet and make sure there is no water dripping from the surface of the carpet.