The Caribbean Islands are already famous for various tourist destinations that make it a favorite place for tourists when visiting the Americas, one of which is the Dominican Republic. This 49,000 square km country has been free since 1821. In the past, the Dominican Republic was colonized by Spain, united with Haiti, up to two times involved in the civil war. Now, the country has a variety of interesting and unique tourist attractions that must be visited, want to know what interesting tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic? Here we summarize the reviews for you.

Punta Cana

Not only for newly married couples, for those of you solo travelers or who are on vacation with friends, you can also do challenging things here. You can snorkel in the Caribbean sea, swimming with sharks, and can find various kinds of underwater fauna. One of the providers of complete and inexpensive tour packages is Seaquarium Aqua Park in Punta Cana. You can book in advance or you can also go directly to the location.

Castillo Mundo King

Castillo Mundo King is one of the historical places in Sosua, the Dominican Republic that comes with a strange but unique shape. The building is the work of a German artist, Rolf Schulz. It was said, he had long dreamed of building a castle in the Dominican Republic, and remained there until his death. The castle consists of five floors and presents a variety of unique sculptures by Schulz, the shape is very artistic.

Los Tres Ojos

Furthermore, Los Tres Ojos natural attractions, presenting beautiful scenery located in the Mirador del Este Park, City of Santo Domingo Este. This cave is an open limestone cave formed by a massive earthquake hundreds of years ago. Los Tres Ojos is also used by the Taino Indian community for ritual activities, as well as being the most visited tourist destination in the Dominican Republic.

Altos de Chavon

Altos de Chavon is on the edge of the Chavon River, La Romana. This place is popular as a cultural center, archeological museum, and amphitheater. Founded in 1979 and opened in August 1982, the creator is Italian architecture, Roberto Copa. The style of the building is very attractive, a blend of Mediterranean and European.